Reflection on Diversity: Blog #5

Moving to the US from China when I was 12 years old has been the most significant time in my life. Besides adapting to a new environment and overcoming the language barrier, it was my first time being exposed to a truly diverse culture and meeting people from various backgrounds. Since then, I have always been fascinated with the melting pot culture and the idea of “diversity.” On campus, I am a part of the Chinese Entrepreneurial Network organization where I had the chance to connect with business professionals from the US and Asia, expanding my horizons.

When I was recruiting for finance, the idea of working in a diverse environment became increasingly important. I attended a Women’s Program during my sophomore year to visit 10 investment banks in New York. Bank of America was one of the banks on the list and it stood out to me because of its focus on adding diversity to the workplace. During the networking event, I got to speak to representatives from different divisions and groups. I was amazed by how intelligent and different each person was. With various talents coming from all over the world, working here will offer me different perspectives and increase my culture awareness.

I am very lucky to end up here for my summer internship, especially the opportunity to meet people from different cultural and academic backgrounds. Through connecting with them, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and expand my knowledge in both finance and other areas, which really pushed me to grow as a person. Before moving to the states, I defined diversity as inclusion of people from different races and culture. But after joining various associations on campus and learning from my summer internship, I see diversity beyond race, gender and class but an inclusion of fresh ideas and perspectives. My change of understanding made me more open-minded and curious about my surroundings.

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