AB Blog #5: My favorite experience

Living in New York City for my internship has made for an especially exciting summer. One of my favorite memories involving life at PwC was PwC Promotion Day. This is a firm-wide day that is celebrated annually and nationally to recognize PwC employees and milestones. It is a day to recognize and thank new-hires, anniversaries of employment, and celebrate promotions. In New York, instead of reporting to the office, we reported to Madison Square Garden for Promotion Day. There was a band made up of PwC employees (and they sounded incredible), a magician (who blew our minds), games and prizes, and a guest speaker…Tina Fey! Overall, it was really cool to see that PwC tries to find innovative and fun ways to encourage and motivate employees. Every employee works so hard, so I think it really awesome that they block out an entire day dedicated to saying “Thank you for your hard work. We appreciate you!”

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  • July 26, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Two words: SO COOL!


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