Beginning My Summer Internship #1

This internship opportunity was very convenient for me because I already had a relationship with the lab I would be assisting in. Over the past school year, I had worked regularly in this particular lab, and when they offered me the chance to continue working with them over the summer with increased hours and the chance to be given increased responsibilities, I was excited to accept. Having been previously acquainted with the lab and its members made the transition from school work to summer work very easy. Since I am now working 29 hours a week Monday through Thursday, my mentor set up a rough schedule of some of the duties I will have each of the days. It’s nice to have a bit of a routine to stick to so that I know ahead of time what things I will need to complete on a regular basis. For instance, this lab works with a lot of mice, and whenever a litter of pups is born, they need to be tagged and genotyped. Monday is the day for tagging these mice and taking the tips of their tails for genotyping. Tuesday is the day where PCR is performed on the digested tails; these PCRs are later run on gels to determine the genotypes of the mice. I will also have a variety of different lab maintenance duties to perform each week in order to keep the lab stocked and running smoothly. During this internship, I am really hoping to become more proficient at some of the techniques I have dabbled in over the past school year, and I am eager to learn more techniques as well as become more knowledgeable about the research this lab conducts.


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