Campaigns and Leadership | #4

(This blog post will be backlogged and include events from July 4th)

The annual fourth of July parade in Middleville Michigan, my home town, is a fifteen minute affair that mostly features tractors and horses. So it was quite a shock for me to not only see, but participate in Ann Arbor’s parade earlier this July. From our spot in the parade, I could not see the beginning or the end of the procession that included many political campaigns, local groups, and marching bands. Even though the heat that day was scorching, the candidate that I am working for, Jeff Irwin, created an exciting environment for the large group of people we recruited to walk in the parade. This parade was just one example of how Jeff is an effortless leader. People gravitate towards him and believe he can and will promote change in the Michigan Legislature. I believe Jeff’s leadership abilities stem from his ability to communicate with others. When he speaks to people, he genuinely cares about their thoughts and wishes. While walking behind him in the parade, it was amazing to see how many people throughout the route knew who he was and cheered for him. It was easy to see how many connection he has made in the community. Personal connections help people know you care and that they can trust you. I have learned from Jeff that it takes a lot of work to get to know people and gain that trust, but once you have made those essential connections, people will look up to you as not only a friend, but as a leader as well.

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  • July 29, 2018 at 9:52 pm

    Hi Kelly! It’s been great catching up on your blogs today. I’m so glad that you’ve been able to bare witness to such great leadership – both from Jeff, and from your supervisor Kellie. I was particularly struck with how, from watching Kellie, you were able to take elements of her leadership style and make it your own – resulting in helping you find your fit in the campaign. Is this a relationship you think you’d like to continue beyond the internship?

    Looking forward to hearing more as the primary closes in!


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