Expectations~Beijing | #2

To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure of what to expect coming to work in a Beijing office. I thought it would perhaps be a bit strict in terms of dress and work culture. However, the minute I stepped into the office I knew I was mistaken. I showed up in business formal clothing whereas everyone else was wearing t-shirts and shorts. The business culture was very relaxed in terms of dress code and work hours. As long as you got your work done, you could come in and go as you please. Then again, I am working in a fun environment as Beijing 99 Interactive Entertainment Marketing is a PR/Marketing firm for gaming companies and has a gaming division. Most of my coworkers are playing games periodically and enjoying their work! I was also surprised as to how much they had let me experience within the first week. On my first day I conducted market research for their Microsoft pitch and the next day I accompanied them to Microsoft’s Beijing headquarters for their pitch. I am continuing to conduct research on different parts of the esports industry and am learning quite a lot. I have also received a lot of feedback regarding my research, which makes me feel as though I am really contributing. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, so far the internship has definitely exceeded my expectations.

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