Final Week

In a week from tomorrow I will be leaving London. Though I miss Michigan, friends, and family, I am sincerely sad to be leaving. The time has flown by and I’ve really enjoyed my internship, the places I’ve been, experiences I’ve had, and people I’ve met.

I’ve been keeping myself very busy last week trying to cram in as many things on my London bucket list as I can. These include museums, monuments, neighborhoods, markets, exhibitions, parks, restaurants, and more. Throughout my time in London, I’ve asked people that I’ve met what their favorite places or activities are here. I’ve compiled a list of almost sixty and have managed to complete over fifty of them at this point! It feels good to know that I’m doing my best make the most of my time here by experiencing as much as possible.

I’m looking forward to meeting with my internship supervisor later this week to have a recap of the experience and to talk about the future. There are several graduate programs and post grad volunteer opportunities associated with Kew that I’m really interested in. In short, I would love to come back here.

I feel like I’ve grown and learned so much as a student, botanist, and individual through my time in London. I’ve gained confidence in my plant science and taxonomy knowledge, developed skills in curation and research, and learned how to move to a new place thousands of miles away and be okay. I feel so grateful to have had this opportunity!

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