First Few Weeks On The Job – Post #1

My name is Frank Guzman Jr. and I am a rising junior in the College of Literature, Sciences and the Arts studying Political Science. This summer, I am working as an intern with the Gavin Newsom for Governor 2018 campaign. I have been working in the Southern California regional office in downtown Los Angeles for the past few weeks and my experience has been amazing.

I got involved in this campaign through a close friend I met who is actually alumni from the University of Michigan. He is a good friend I met through our mutual involvement in Central Student Government. I heard that he was working on the campaign and I reached out to him due to my interest in working on a statewide campaign, and he brought me on board!

I have spent my last few weeks working on the campaign and it has been incredible! On the heels of an impressive victory in the June top-two primary, Gavin Newsom decisively moved on to the general election to face businessman John Cox for the coveted position as Governor of California. My job insofar has been to do more of the meticulous work within the campaign. This includes working as security for events, data entry, and making phone calls.

One of the incredible components of my internship is working with other college-aged students who are working as an intern the same as I from schools across the country (including UCLA, Berkeley, Pennsylvania, South Florida and Loyola Marymount University). It has been incredible to learn from people with different perspectives coalesce working towards one goal: electing another progressive to the highest position in our state government.

I am extremely excited to learn more about how state campaigns work and how to apply the skills I learn in this position to potential career opportunities in the future! You’ll be hearing a lot more from me soon!


(P.S. The picture is just of me in my campaign t-shirt after my first day of work at the beach, ecstatic for the coming weeks of work to come!)


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