First Month

After starting on May 14th, it felt as if the first month just flew by.  I was getting familiar with the other 20 interns in my office, and meeting the full time employees as well.  Everyone is from very different backgrounds and different schools, but the atmosphere in the office is truly one of a kind!  With almost everyone having a different manager/team, the projects that each intern is working on are extremely unique in the program.  In my placement interview before this internship started, I expressed that I was interested in healthcare and as a result of my input being received, I am working with a team that is in the public sector and with IBM’s data science products.  I have already gone to Seattle and Dallas to have some client interactions with my team!

Being in Chicago for the summer has been pretty great already!  With my apartment being right in the middle of downtown, there are endless amount of things to do.  Some of the things I’ve done so far…I’ve been on runs right along Lake Michigan, gone to the free Lincoln Park Zoo, had friends come visit from Michigan (only around a 4 hour drive), had deep dish pizza only a million times, hung out at the beach, shopped a ton….and of course have been eating at many amazing restaurants.

Coming from a much smaller city, living in Chicago already has made me fall in love with it.  I think the change of scenery from Ann Arbor to Chicago has shown me a much exciting and busier city life, which I now prefer.  I know a lot of people who dislike the city life, and I can understand their point of view – sometimes it’s nice to be in a familiar area where you know most of the people.  However, it is so exciting for me to be a new place with tons of opportunity.  I don’t think the Chicago is overwhelming, but rather has many options which if you take advantage of, can lead to so many new opportunities.

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