Getting Lost to Find Yourself

One of the Mansion’s many sayings is “Sometimes you have to get lost in order to find yourself”. Some people say this figuratively however at the mansion, it’s literal. With over 70 secret doors and 30,000 feet of exploring to do, you often do get lost. For the first week or so of my internship while other interns were getting used to things such as finding the copier, remembering names, and assessing just how casual casual Friday is, I was trying to find secret doors and passages, remember the rich history of the mansion, and remember and navigate to the 100 rooms throughout the mansion.

By week 2 I had the general layout of the mansion down, and although I didn’t always remember the name of the room, if someone described it I could find my way there. Each day through answering questions from guests and interacting with new interns that had just started, I became more and more confident. One lesson that has definitely been cemented in my mind since being here is that you never stop learning. There are so many new things to discover at the mansion every day. Just last week I found another secret door I hadn’t found before and the week prior a guest pointed one out that I had never even noticed. On top of that, there are many items that we have in our collection that I had never noticed before because I was too busy working on projects or just trying to find doors, such as a piece of Elvis’ hair, who knew?!

The beginning of each day is a chance to find something physically new in the mansion or to find out something else about yourself or the people you are working with.

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