Initiation~Beijing | #3

I have tried a lot of different foods but this was definitely one of the worst. The coworkers who sit next to me had convinced the interns (there are 2 of us) to try a old Beijing traditional drink. Apparently they had all the previous interns try it and took videos of their reactions. They did warn us beforehand that it tastes awful. The drink was 豆汁 (Douzhi’er), is made from green beans and goes through several days of fermenting before it is served. The smell is extremely pungent (worse than stinky tofu). But to many old Beijingers, it is their favorite drink and addictive. However, there are very few people who drink it now. It tastes sour at first almost like vinegar. The only good thing about the douzhi’er is that it is supposed to have great health benefits. The other intern could barely stomach it. We had two bowls of it durning lunch and used the douzhi’er as a punishment for losing the game. Honestly, I could stomach the taste, I guess I have a strong stomach! Even our other coworkers could barely drink it. I definitely would not suggest drinking it unless you had to though. It really does taste awful. But after drinking the douzhi’er with our coworkers, we were deemed as real Beijingers! I guess it was our initiation into Beijing~

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