My First Weeks At My Internship | Post #2

After I got my offer from the Department of Transportation I still wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to be doing there. Sure, I knew I was going to be doing some standard intern things such as opening mail, answering phones, and responding to emails, but during my first two weeks there I was pleasantly surprised that the standard internship duties where not all I was going to be doing. Quickly I was immersed in multiple different program offices that all offered differing projects for me to work on from budget to policy and research – really anything I was interested in, I could find a project for.

Aside from all of the interesting departments and projects I was able to begin in my initial weeks, I also got to meet the people of the Department of Transportation. Everyone was excited and enthralled in and with their work – and even more-so to share their excitement with a new intern. For every new office we were introduced to each of the employees that headed the office eagerly have us their business cards and encouraged us to jump into what they were working on.

All in all my first weeks at the Department of Transportation have been beyond exciting, from all of the departments and projects to the hardworking, inspiring people I am glad to have found such a rewarding place to spend my summer.

One thought on “My First Weeks At My Internship | Post #2

  • July 25, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Hi Grant! I’m Zane Harding and I am an intern with the LSA Opportunity Hub. I will be following your blog posts throughout the summer.

    First of all, thank you for sharing an exciting (yet stressful) beginning to your internship experience. I want to give you props for putting yourself out there and applying to a large number of federal agencies and private firms to ensure you found the right internship. I also definitely understand that feeling of not knowing exactly what you are going to do when taking a new position, but it sounds like it was better than you could have possibly imagined.

    I would be curious to learn more about the project opportunities you are receiving. Which ones are catching your eye? Have you taken any of them on? Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy the internship as the summer carries on.


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