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Through my internship, I am learning what makes an effective leader. Unexpectedly, I am learning the most from the 6th graders I am teaching. I see how different personalities traits are successful or not successful as students step up and step down within the classroom. I have noticed that the common trait among all of my students who are leaders within the classroom is that they have outstanding self-awareness. They will vocalize their ideas, explain how they may be perceived, and open up the floor for questions. This has proven to be effective as it engages everyone and makes them feel part of the task at hand. I have also noticed that the students who are the best leaders incorporate other students into their own ideas. This makes students feel like they have a voice and therefore makes them more willing to contribute and listen to a leader.

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  • July 26, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Hi Matt,

    Wow – I really appreciate this post. It sounds like you have a truly amazing group of young leaders among you.

    The observations you shared about what has made certain students really stand out are spot on, and I would say, make for a great leader regardless of one’s age. Have you thought about how you might incorporate some of these talents into your future career experiences?


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