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I have been doing a lot of independent travel in my free time— though it is limited, I have managed to capitalize on the few hours I have away from work every day. While travelling independently to an island 15 miles north of San Francisco, I asked a couple to take a picture of me with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background so I could send it to my family group chat. Not only did I get a picture out of this request, but also a free sailing lesson. Turns out, the couple runs a nonprofit called Cal Sailing Club that gives free sailing lessons to members of the greater San Francisco community to increase interest in the sport. This was an amazing experience to have early on in the internship because it confirmed what I had read about San Francisco prior to coming: that it is a very community-based city. I have found this truth in many different lights— through the incredible staff culture at my workplace, talking to strangers as if they are friends, and all of the social events that flood local restaurants and parks nearly every hour of the day.

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  • July 26, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    Hi Matt! This is an amazing story – the connection you made with a random couple resulted in an experience you will likely never forget! What a great lesson about living each day to its fullest – putting yourself out there to new people and new experiences – and the value of community. Those sound like really important cultural values that might guide you along your journey. It’s wonderful to hear that you feel truly a part of the work environment in which you are working this summer. I’m excited to hear more about the types of work you are doing!


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