Post 4: Food

This post is about food. I’ve tried so many different types of cuisine here in Germany but there’s one dish that stands out, that America could learn from. That’s deep dish bagel bites. Take your average bagel bite, but Chicago style. I can’t get enough of it. This is the future. Never again could I go back to a 9:1 Ratio of bread to cheese, when Germany’s rocking a 1:1 masterpiece. Straight genius.

Other than that, I’ve been eating Döner every single day without fail. These are basically German burritos, gyro meat, veggies, onions and sauce packed into either a tortilla or pita bread. I am going to miss this when I get back.  What they don’t have here is Mexican food. Unlike home, where chipotles run wild and burritos can be found on every street corner, nachos and quesadillas are pretty nonexistant in Germany. I found one place that served nachos, and instead of salsa they had chili sauce, the kind that comes with spring rolls. Not great. First thing I do when I get back is hit my local Taco Bell.

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