Post 5: Watson Customer Engagement Video

During the 9th week of my internship, I created a video with a fellow intern showcasing the functionalities and affordances of Watson Customer Engagement, but specifically the value it could provide to a small retailer. There was a lot of preparation and training that went behind creating this video, because to create a piece of media that would proactively reflect the functionality of an IBM software, requires extreme knowledge and comprehensive understanding of what the product can do.


In order to prepare for this video, I took on a Stand & Deliver speaking role at our program’s weekly S3 Meeting, which is inspired by Toastmasters. My role that week was to speak about Watson Customer Engagement and at least two offerings within the software for my stand & deliver and talk about WCE for at least 5-7 minutes. The preparation I did for my stand & deliver proved extremely valuable when I was able to then take that knowledge and transfer it into an entertaining yet educational film.


It was extremely fun to have a creative outlet and to have been able to present my knowledge using a creative outlet. I aspire to continue doing projects like these that will have high ROI and benefit IBM as a company for the future. I aim to build my portfolio of creative works and explore my talents, as currently I am in a sales consultant position, but would like to explore more positions within marketing.

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  • July 25, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Hi Aerielle – I continue to be impressed by the projects you are pursuing at IBM. Thanks for sharing this latest one! Of the three projects/experiences you’ve discussed in your last few posts, it sounds as though this one was really engaging – and fun – for you. I definitely encourage you to work on building a portfolio if you are interested in exploring marketing. You might even see if you can connect with a few people in that department at IBM over the next few months to get their insights about the kind of work they do and the skills they need to do it. I’ll look forward to your final post and hearing how your internship wrapped up!



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