TCFF Approaches | #2

My workload in the communications and media department of the Traverse City Film Festival has quadrupled since my last post. With the festival a little over a week away, I have learned that there is a lot more to PR than social media and website-updating. This past week was especially full, as we had several side projects on top of the time-consuming process of organizing Radio Giveaways. A plus is that I can now say that I am proficient in comping tickets using Agile, a process I had zero experience with before this week.

In addition to crunching numbers for radio stations to give to their winning callers, this week some of PR worked with the videography interns to create a video to promote the renaming of one of our venues to “The Kubrick”. We did this using references to Clockwork OrangeThe Shining, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I haven’t seen Space Odyssey yet; apparently it’s worth it to wait for an opportunity to catch it on a big screen. Regardless the shoot went well.

The festival nearing has also (naturally) led to more interaction with its attendees. Working with them on Friends Ticketing Day (an early ticketing day exclusive to those with paid “friends-memberships”) confirmed the notion that our demographic is overwhelmingly old and white. Most are in high spirits, with positive attitudes about the approaching festival. However, every now and then we get calls from patrons angry at sold-out showings or unclear line directions, who futilely take their rage out on interns. We may be the most accessible, but we are the least authorized to do anything about their complaints. The most baffling are calls expressing outrage at Jane Fonda’s announced attendance (which, by the way, I am AmPeD about!!)

Outside of my 9-5 regime with the festival, I’ve had a lot more free time. My schedule with my cafe job (that I didn’t mention in the last post) has lightened tremendously since the dreaded Cherry Fest, and I put in my “two weeks” a few days ago. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m sure I’ll be glad to have my last few days in Traverse City free of external responsibility, and obviously I won’t be able to commute from Ann Arbor, but I’ve grown to like it at Brew and I’ll miss the staff, who were/are extremely patient with my inexperienced headassery.

I’ll also note that I spent a great day on Mackinac Island with some of the other interns yesterday, along with a couple of late-night trips to a Dark Sky park earlier this week. Am I exhausted? Maybe, but bonding is going well!


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