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Hi again all,

My apologies… This post was written a week ago from today, but I have had complications finding WiFI so I am positing it now:

This is my second to last week in Tanzania, and I am in the process of making sure I am able to finish the projects I have started. As with any project, the last couple of weeks are the most challenging: trying to complete your work and wrap up your experience. This past week has been fun, and a bit more relaxed than previous weeks.

How is the project coming along?

The project is coming along quite well, actually! As you know, I am nearly finished with the data collection and entry into the database. My hope is that transferring the information onto a computer will make the Department of Anesthesia run more efficiently, allowing them to look through old records and enter new information quicker. I also hope that within these next two weeks, I will develop figures illustrating trends in usage and cost of certain drugs. After doing this, I plan to work with my mentor to present a method for more efficient spending to the hospital administration board. Hopefully, this will allow for more money to be distributed into other projects within the department — such as purchasing new equipment, or funding new training programs. 


In my first two weeks here, I transferred and organized all of the anesthesia supplies into a supply room. This was done to speed up the process of distributing supplies each day, but also to ensure that the supplies are secure from being stolen. This strategy has worked well thus far, and the department has gotten used to the process each day!

Lake Chala: This picture was taken in Tanzania, but across the water is Kenya
Kikuletwa Hot Springs











What have you done for fun this past week?

Aside from the “fun” I have been having from learning during surgery observations, I have also done a couple excursions this past weekend. A few of my friends and I went hiking to a lake, which is on the border of Kenya and Tanzania — in the picture, you can see Kenya across the lake! There were many monkeys and cool trees along the way, and the lake is beautiful. We had local food for dinner when we returned to town, and got ready for the next day. On Sunday, we went to hot springs. This location is breathtaking, and the fact that Mt. Kilimanjaro was the clearest I have ever seen it in the background topped of the weekend. After returning to town, we made it in time to watch France win the World Cup! This upcoming weekend we plan to go to Arusha (a nearby city), go on a safari, and explore a local waterfall at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Next week will be my last post, and I am looking forward to holistically reflecting on my experience. Stay tuned!

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