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As I still have about three weeks left working for Cummins, it’s hard to pin down my favorite experience as an intern this summer. I definitely enjoyed the Engine Familiarization class from a couple weeks ago as it was such a unique experience that most individuals (even including other Cummins interns) won’t have the opportunity to experience. I’m by no means an expert on engines now, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget getting to screw off parts of the engine, watch as we manually started some of them, and had to rebuild from scratch with only the assistance of the user manuals and our instructor if we were really stuck.

Me next to the engine after we rebuilt it

Another experience that would be in my top favorite memories from this summer would be visiting Nashville with eight other interns. Being able to explore the city with other people who had never visited before led to an amazing time where we listened to great music and tried some new things.

Also, I got the opportunity to travel with my manager to visit Cummins’ plant in Memphis which again, isn’t a common occurrence for interns or for full-time employees. The journey there involved a private company plane (which was awesome) and the chance to see three different plants and speak with different employees about my projects.

The private company plane!

Also, I consider myself very lucky to have received the amount of professional development that I have over the course of this internship. I’ve had multiple networking events: one in Indianapolis with all of the Indiana based interns and professionals, one run by the Women’s Affinity Group (WAG), and various ones offered by the University of Michigan recruiting team. In fact, later this week I am meeting with a high-level director that I met during the WAG speed mentoring session to discuss my future career plans.

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  • July 26, 2018 at 11:51 am

    Hi Jackie – Thanks for this latest update on your exciting summer adventures! I continue to be impressed by the way you are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by your internship. It sounds as though the engine rebuilding proved an amazing chance to stretch beyond your comfort zone and walk away with a different level of confidence and knowledge than you started with. (Also, that engine photo definitely needs to go into the photo contest – it’s such a unique accomplishment!).

    As you get ready to speak with the director, you might look back on some of your posts for ideas about how far you’ve progressed in a short amount of time, what goals you still have, and where you’d like to go next. I hope it’s a fantastic conversation, and will look forward to hearing about how everything wraps up!



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