Favorite Experience | #5

I’ve had a lot of really good experiences during my internship, and it’s hard to pick just one as my favorite. There are two experiences in particular that stand out for me. The first was going through some GSS data and creating a study at work. GSS (General Social Survey) looks at public opinion on topics like gender and marriage, civil liberties, politics, and current affairs. We were specifically interested in how opinions on these topics change over time, and whether people today accurately perceive these trends. After picking out some questions from GSS, I helped to create a Qualtrics survey that asked participants what they thought the trend was for a certain topic (e.g. number of people that are opposed to the death penalty). We launched the survey on MTurk and got back some really interesting results, namely that people often get the trend wrong. There were also some intriguing differences when we broke down the data by gender and by political affiliation. I’m looking forward to continuing to work on this project for my remaining time here.

The other experience I really enjoyed happened outside of work. Some of the other interns and I went out to dinner for the 4th of July. Afterwards, we walked down to the Charles River to see the fireworks. The area we ended up sitting down at was very lively and the fireworks were right above us. It was a very cool experience. (Professional) pic attached below!

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