First Few Weeks | #2

The first few weeks, notably weeks 2-4, took some getting used to. In my opinion, for every company, internship, and/or job, there is bound to be a learning period when you get used to the culture of the place. While I have already heard of this, I realized while reflecting on previous internships and going through this one, the culture of a company is definitely one of the most important factors for me during my career. While everything from location, to salary, to tasks (and role) can change, culture isn’t something you can really change.

The internship has differed from my expectations in that it completely changed my expectation of what the healthcare industry was like. It was surprising, and interesting, to see and hear about all the niche roles of the corporate side of healthcare merge into a harmonious conglomerate of helping to make hospitals with what they do best: take care of patients. It was great to hear about all the different moving parts and to be able to see everyone working together to make sure everything would be running smoothly.

The moment the internship began, I immediately learned about just how much effort went into this internship program, and how invested so many people were in the interns. It was wonderful to see how excited people were to have interns in the office and how welcoming everyone is. Starting the internship, I thought I would be working on administrative tasks as I have been used to. That wasn’t the case here. After I met everyone from the Business Strategy team I would be working with (including my mentor), and 30+ more people, I learned about the outreach and research project/presentation I would be doing throughout the summer. The entire program was clearly designed to help us learn as much as we can to get the most out of this experience, as opposed to busy work.

As a native New Yorker, I can confirm that I have seen quite a few interesting things around the city. Funny enough, I haven’t met interesting locals throughout the course of this internship. The other interns in the internship program have been wonderful along with everyone else at the company. If anyone happens to be visiting New York, Central Park is amazing to walk (or run) through on a nice summer day. The shade from the trees are wonderful and you forget you’re two blocks away from all the sirens, taxis, and buses. I signed up for a few races in the park as well and the photo, which doesn’t do the scenery any justice, was after one. Here’s to a few more weeks! It’s passing by so quickly.

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