My Internship: A Few Weeks In

During this internship I initially expected that I would be working closely with other employees and that other employees would guide me and teach me what I needed to know for my project. In actuality I am not very supervised during work. I am given a project to work on with not much direction and I have to figure out how to implement it with my team. I feel that being able to figure out solutions and learning on your own is how full-time employees work so I am content with it. I am working closely with my internship team and we help each other out a lot and constantly bounce ideas off one another. What really surprised me about this internship is how open ended it is. I feel like it is one of those situations where you get out what you put in.

The locals in San Francisco are great. There are a lot of Michigan alumni in the city and whenever I wear Michigan gear people scream “Go Blue!” at me. At work and around the city there are a lot of people around my age, so I do not feel out of place here. The other full-time employees and I hang out after work and explore the city. We have gone to many places like China Town, Japan Town, The Mission, Twins Peak, and a lot of other beautiful places.


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