My Internship: My First Blocker

For my project I am primarily doing backend work. I am supposed to create a database and create functions for buttons to interact and update the database. In my head I would just download and use a database that I am most comfortable using and work from there. Initially, I had set up my database and started working on the functions to work with the database, then when I presented my work to the project owners, they recommended I change the database I was using and to store different data. There is definitely pros and cons when working on an open-ended project. It gives the freedom to explore and use new technologies, but it also allows for miscommunication. I uninstalled my database and tried to install the one the project owner wanted, but it would not run with my laptop. I had to get help from many developers and lead developers to help solve my issue. Eventually the issue was solved by my manager, but it did set me back a few days on my project. From this experience I’ve learned the importance of asking help from others and how communicating well early on will save time in the future.

One thought on “My Internship: My First Blocker

  • August 24, 2018 at 11:57 am

    I agree with you, Thomas that it is a lot of hassle when we have to retract and go in a different direction than what we set out with. I echo your thoughts that asking plenty of clarifying questions and locking a project scope could save a lot of development efforts.

    I really appreciate that you were able to reflect on the outcome of this specific experience. First blockers are a frustrating experience but you took it in your stride and gained a valuable professional skill. I am sure the learnings that you carry forward with this experience will alone make a great impact as you continue to push more independently led projects.

    I would love to hear how you were able to navigate rest of the projects during your internship. Were you able to discuss project scope and ask clarification questions before beginning work? Also, now that you’ve taken sometime working with different technologies, did you find yourself feeling strongly about a specific part in development, such as backend or frontend development?


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