Settling In

It’s been a few weeks now and I’m really getting into my work and exploring various parts of the business for my case study. One of Morningstar ‘s CEO’s main goals is to maintain the startup feel of the company and this is accomplished mainly through the entrepreneurial spirit of the workplace. My Manager and other superiors had some projects in mind in terms of tasks that would need to be accomplished while I’m here, but the majority of my work has come from me reaching out, stepping up, and raising my hand for any opportunities that arise and in that sense it is an independent environment where both the company and I succeed from being a self-starter. In comparison to other corporations I’ve worked at it is much more independent, rewarding, and satisfying work experience while being a more defined workplace than the most startup environment I’ve ever worked in. The interior is on the forefront of modern corporate design.Image result for morningstar building

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