Update #5: Moving Beyond Summer

With about a month left of my job at Grosse Pointe Geek, I realized I wanted to continue doing the type of work I have grown to love this summer as I return to Ann Arbor in the fall, so I started looking around at a computer tech support job here in the city. There are quite a few computer repair shops that are very similar to Grosse Pointe Geek that I considered, but eventually I decided to apply to be a Computer Consultant for LSA’s IT department. The job is similar to Grosse Pointe Geek in that it is hardware and software related troubleshooting, but instead of helping the general public I will be assisting LSA students and staff.

In the interview I received a lot of questions about how I would handle a tech support problem, deal with upset users, and respond to different scenarios; having worked at Grosse Point Geek, I had a lot of fresh experiences to pull from to answer their questions and that experience made a good impression.

This student temp job is the perfect transition as I return to school to continue developing my computer skills at the University. Looking beyond computer support, I am also beginning my search for a software development related job. I recently attended an event at SkySpecs, an Ann Arbor company started by Umich grads. They develop software for drones to autonomously inspect windmills. While I still have a lot to learn in the realm of programming, I think a company like that would have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and I am eager to start applying for internships next summer!

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