I was set on a task to get “Yoga Revealed” Podcast on the iTunes Market. All I knew was the passcodes to the his Apple iD as well as the servers that he ran his Podcast. I never worked with a Podcast and this adventure that I was sat after was one that I knew I was going to have to do a lot of independent research. I broke out my Youtube and read a lot about the functionalities of starting a Podcast. His request was transitioning his podcast from a host website called “Libsyn” to “Pippa”. The reasoning he wanted to change host was through recommendation as well as his friend runs a education system called “Paradise Podcast”. I was able to spend my time watching 6 hours of the process of building a podcast to be able to publish. I am still working with technology as it a complex. The things that I am learning is that communication is key. When you are building a business know the technology that you are working with has to have great customer service. Never cut corners on the price because technology is malfunction as it always is you must have confidence that there is a human on the other line. As well as when you take on assignments from your supervisor let them know you are willing to put your best efforts towards the task. I have had a lot of moments when I had to wait on Apple to process my submission for his podcast to run and I had to clearly communicate that to him and sometimes I needed to put that communication on email to have documentation of my words. This task has brought up the phrase “BEST EFFORTS” and “ACCOUNTABILITY” even though I identify with being the magical girl that can accomplish everything that I set my heart after I realize that there are a lot of moving parts that I must surrender towards or my stress levels will be at all time HIGH!! I am in that process now and it is all a process. I account for my work and I will always put my best efforts towards the task at hand.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Revealed Podcast BEST EFFORTS + ACCOUNTABILITY

  • July 27, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Frannie, as a technology professional, it’s really interesting to hear what you’re saying about the importance of good customer service and quality technology. I completely agree (of course)! It sounds like you had some frustration with Apple not being able to process your work on the timeline your supervisor wanted, but I see that you really worked hard on good communication with him to help him understand what was going on. That really is the best way to approach those kinds of situations. When you clearly communicate with people why something isn’t meeting their expectations and all the work that you have put in to try to meet their expectations, they’re often much more understanding than our brains make us think!


  • July 27, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    The funny thing about all this is we meditated then I got back on my laptop to see that Apple approved it! So all about the good vibes! 🙂


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