Learning through Leading | #5

I’ve learned a lot on this dig so far. I’ve learned more about the site of Olynthos and about Ancient Greece in general. I’ve learned how to get myself energized and prepared at 06:00. I’ve learned about leadership as a concept and as a part of the excavation.

Being a part of the team has made me realize how important good leadership is for the team as a whole to function. Without a competent and prepared leader, the whole situation would be different and likely would even fail to function. During something as simple as snack break, I’ve noticed, good leaders make sure all their team members are fed and rested. These little things such as care make a good leader. Being approachable and considerate of the entire team is also good. The team is only as good as their weakest link and it is the leaders job to ensure each member is participating to their full potential.

As a team member, there is opportunity to be a leader. By offering to carry something or checking in with other team members, you show that you care. I believe that conscientiousness and attitude is an integral part of success. These components are especially important as an archeologist when working long hours in the heat.

Site dog resting near the excavation

One thought on “Learning through Leading | #5

  • August 9, 2018 at 11:47 am

    Hi Alyssa,
    I’m glad that this internship has been filled with learning moments, across work, and your own personal and professional identity. I especially enjoyed reading your reflection on what encompasses good leadership. Taking note of the small aspects (i.e. the snack break) highlights how much a leadership can shape the culture and environment of a workplace/team. Qualities like approachability, consideration, and attitude are definitely ways to lead as a team member (and as the leader of a team)! What else might you include on that list?

    And I’m curious, what are some ways that you might continue developing your leadership skills back on campus? If you haven’t heard of LeaderShape before, please consider checking it out — they don’t have the opportunity up for 2019 yet, but they take a group of students over spring break! https://campusinvolvement.umich.edu/leadershape



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