Leaders – Blog #3

Through my internship I had the privilege to meet a true leader in head and neck surgery. An unexpected visit, he was working the same office as me for two days. Intimidated by his reputation, I waited hours before I got the courage to speak to him. Though not the conversation that I expected, I gain great insight into medicine and research. He not only spoke about his research, he told me about leaders in the field of research in which I was working. I am grateful to have been able to listen to the unique perspective of someone who has been doing what I aspire to do for over twenty years. After this encounter, I dug deeper into my field of research to not only gain a better understanding of the process of discovery from years ago to know, but also I read more about pioneers in this field who are famous on a global scale. Such experiences have truly confirmed my desire to become a physician scientist. I think sometimes we are fortunate to have learning opportunities fall in our lap, and I plan to make the very most of the information and insight with which I was provided. After the experience, I spoke to some of my colleagues, and predictably they all had impressive things to say. While the opinions of one person must be put into context, I feel that I have a fresh perspective on scientific investigation and it potential to serve people.


One thought on “Leaders – Blog #3

  • July 28, 2018 at 8:36 am

    Hi Lahin,
    What exciting work you are doing. I can only imagine how daunting it is to look at that many slides. I’m so glad that you see the value in such tedious work, and your enthusiasm for the work is certainly evident.

    It’s so exciting that you were able to meet such a leader in the field and that he inspired you to dig deeper. It certainly can be intimidating to approach such a prominent leader. I am so happy you gathered the courage to make the most of that opportunity. I can’t wait to hear more.



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