A Delayed Introduction | #1

I’ve just arrived in Chicago and am preparing for my first full summer away from home (Edit: these blog posts are going to be successively posted over the next few days as my internship winds down.  Drafts are posted – besides this edit – as originally written).  A rising senior studying Computer Science, I’ve found myself interning at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Cybersecurity & Privacy practice.  Until about two weeks before accepting this internship offer, I didn’t even know this Big 4 firm had a Cyber practice.  Being a part of the Advisory practice, we are essentially consultants with a specific focus on Cybersecurity.  We more or less have groups to assess clients’ environments, a group to respond to test systems and intrusions, a group to implement new security solutions, and a group to protect the privacy of consumers and clientele.  As blurred as these borders will likely be on project, I’ve recently found out I’m going to be working with Implementation & Operations, the ones who come in and integrate security software with the existing environment of our clients.  Even still, I couldn’t say what that really means.  Until this point I’ve only connected with a few members of my project, learned who my client is, and what I may be doing this summer.  My engagement doesn’t formally start until next week, and I’ve scheduled calls with some members of my team to learn more and hear from their experiences.  As I’ve only really completed onboarding and trainings thus far, I’ll tie up week 1 and say – I’m looking forward to granting an update next week!


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