First Few Weeks #2

My first few weeks have gone extremely well, I am enjoying working  in my research lab and learning all the new skills and techniques that I have learned. I have had a bit of difficulty because due to all the pipetting that I have been doing, as well as writing and typing, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome. This has been difficult for me as it has been an obstacle that I am trying to overcome while working in my research lab. While I have gone to the doctor and occupational therapist multiple times and have been wearing braces, this issue has not been resolved and I am still working on trying to find ways to make my research work more bearable in terms of my hand pain.


That being said, I am still progressing a lot in my research work and getting a lot done in terms of creating new clones and putting our target DNA  fragments into the different vectors that we are trying to clone them into.


A couple of mistakes that I have made in my first few weeks has resulted from trying to juggle so many tasks at once. One time when I was doing a cloning reaction as well as a  miniprep, I placed the wrong tube into the cold room when the tube that I was doing cloning with was supposed to incubate at room temperature. I was able to quickly resolve the mistake by redoing the cloning reaction but it did waste time unfortunately. However, I was glad to have caught this error as soon as I  so that I was able to fix the mistake promptly.


I have prevented making further mistakes by always double-checkin/rereading labels and instructions twice to prevent more errors.

One thought on “First Few Weeks #2

  • August 7, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    Hello Siena! My name is Mike and I work at the LSA Opportunity Hub and have been following along with your posts. I’ve enjoyed reading what you’ve shared so far and am eager to hear more about your internship work!

    It sounds like you’re really gaining a lot of valuable experience which is awesome! Getting the chance to work on something so important and beneficial for so many people must feel highly rewarding. It also sounds like it’s work that you have found a connection with in a very meaningful way.

    One of the most important parts of any experience is encountering obstacles and learning ways to overcome them, and it sounds like you’ve done just that working around the carpel tunnel and also finding new methods to make your work more consistent and full-proof.

    I really look forward to hearing more about your work and experience! Keep up the great work!


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