Leader for a Leader #4

Leadership is a key component of my internship. Everyday, I am expected to enter the stadium ready to direct a group of individuals in order to complete a task efficiently. Prior to this internship, I had never been given the chance to lead in this manner. It certainly was strange to receive a group of subordinates designated to assist me, but as I progressed through the internship, I found that I had developed tremendously as a leader.

One of my most important responsibilities is supervising any retail store to which I have been assigned. This proved to be slightly difficult when I first arrived. Many of the associates were my age, and I was initially uncomfortable with giving them orders. On top of this matter, I had zero retail experience while most of the associates had plenty, either because they had worked at the stadium for years or had other jobs in retail outside of Citi Field. There were a couple instances during the first few weeks where associates were reluctant to hear me. After getting to know these individuals, I found that they became more receptive and began to follow my instructions. This struggle actually turned out to be one of the biggest lessons of the internship: a leader cannot be successful unless he or she gains the support of his followers. This may take time, but the results are worthwhile.

Overall, I would say that this internship has been a great experience so far in teaching me how to communicate, delegate, and cooperate. I am much more confident in being a leader, and I know that the lessons of this internship will pay off heavily in my professional future. Still, I am only about halfway through the internship, so I still have plenty to learn.

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