Mentor- #3

Tarantula shedding

I’ve been lucky to have a great close  mentor for my internship, amongst many others. The main education leader within my internship is well experienced in environmental education, but also is younger and recently finishing up her masters in Wildlife Science and Conservation. She’s mentored me a lot in different ways of teaching environmental studies besides just the way its done at the conservancy, since she’s worked in a lot of outdoor schools and within communities. She’s very patient but also challenges me to try new presentations and animal demonstrations. One thing I really like about her teaching style is how she manages to adjust it to every age group and is very in-tune with how to engage certain kinds of groups.

My mentor has taught me a lot about the field, but more so, about different approaches to conservation and wildlife in general. She’s showed by my fellow intern and I a lot of ways to find field jobs and types of conservation work she’s personally found insightful for finding her path in working with wildlife. She also takes time after education hours to show me different animal enrichment and care.

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