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Last week, our lab finally settled into the new facilities- the building near the USB. The move has been a long time in coming- we’ve been winding down experiments for well over a month, and for the week before the move we did nothing but pack. And then the week after the move we did nothing but unpack. Of course, it was worth it in the end- the new lab space is amazing. Apart from being brand new, it’s well laid out- everything you could need in the building is right nearby.

The one big thing moving a lab taught me is the value of an organized lab setup. The way the lab used to be arranged, you generally had to learn the hard way where everything was set up- there wasn’t any particular layout of tools, equipment and supplies. As might be expected, it was often difficult to find what you needed quickly. When the lab moved to the new building, we made a conscious effort to choose logical places to put everything we needed, to label where different tools and supplies go, and to spread equipment like centrifuges through the lab. That made a much bigger difference than I expected- tasks that took half an hour or an hour in the old space take half as much time here.

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    My name is Josh Lee, and I am one of the coaches in the LSA Opportunity Hub. Myself and one of the Hub Interns will be reading and commenting on your blog. I am really looking forward to reading about your experience this summer – I hope it is a fulfilling and rewarding experience!



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