Next Week! DejaVu | #4

Describe your home away from home. How is it the same or different from where you are from? Are there any misconceptions about where you are living and working that you would like to clear up?

Before I answer this question, can I just say “wow!”. I was looking at last years blog and was surprised that It has already been a year since I had the chance to help in this Program. At the beginning of the internship, I disliked how I didn’t give my hardest, for a better word I was too lazy. It was until later on, I began to work harder and harder on not only helping my self but making sure my co-workers weren’t exhausted. I’m beyond excited to see what happens next week.
I consider PILOT as my second home, I like how I’m able to be myself without having to worry about how others view me. Instead of coming into the meeting tired and negative, I’m more relaxed after. Our meetings are always hilarious as we have fun, even when we are on a serious topic we are so passionate about what we work on that we don’t feel it as a “chore”. I don’t think my Internship or Ann Arbor people have a misconception on where I am from, I was born in Grand Rapids, Mi. Though many people know about the area I don’t see many people from that area who attend the University.

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  • July 30, 2018 at 11:51 am


    It’s a unique experience to so clearly be able to reflect on a year’s worth of learning so clearly, and the blog is a great place to do so, especially considering your history of working with this organization!

    I’m really impressed with your frankness in admitting that work ethic was a crucial component in feeling dissatisfied with your experience, and I’m even more impressed by your intrinsic motivation in changing those behaviors to maximize your experience.

    It’s also really great to hear that you feel like you can be your whole self at PILOT. Not every organization allows us the space and grace to be our whole selves, and it’s amazing the sort of energy we can feel when we are allowed to do so. How do you think you can bring this idea of “space and grace” into future organizations that you work in?



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