Phone Call – Journal #3

I recently had a conference call with my candidate, Anuja, for what was almost an hour. I was nervous going into the conference call because this was my first time having a one on one conversation with her for an elongated period of time. The purpose of the call was to discuss how social media would be moving forward after the recent campaign event. Over the course of the conversation, we were able to discuss a variety of different topics even though the conversation was feeling informal and I was able to ease in comfortably in the conversation. At one point in the conversation, Anuja would take some time to ask about my own life and career goals.

After the event, we both noticed that social media wasn’t as organized, active, and aggressive with not just posts, but through all aspects of social media. This involves being efficient when an issue arises, updating ongoing advertisements, providing a new means to deliver content rather than the simple post, doing more research with content topics like education, gun violence, and mental health support as well as looking to be more consistent with posts. This conversation has definitely aided me in being more comfortable when approaching topics with my own ideas or providing my opinion to solve certain situations.

After having that discussion with Anuja and meeting with the Social Media team today, we have a lot more structure to how we want to go about doing things moving forward. It’s important that we keep the rest of the campaign team alert when it comes to being active on social media from their own accounts with our own posts and continuing to like/share the content as well.

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