Post 6: Final Thoughts & Reflections

It is currently the last few weeks of my internship and I have to say I’ve had an extremely productive and challenging summer at IBM. I am so happy to have learned that I love the culture here and that I aim to return full-time. Culture and fit are a huge part of my decision-making process when I am recruiting for companies and it seems that IBM is a great fit for me.


Throughout this internship, I learned a great deal about the sales cycle, from conducting whitespace campaigns, prospecting, setting up client meetings, tech demos, proofs of concept, and the final sales stage where the client rep meets with the client to close the deal. I also learned the value of networking and maintaining professional relationships, because you never know when contacts in the right place could help you. I’m also very thankful for my fellow interns, whom without, I would have been extremely lost on how to succeed with this internship. We truly worked as a team all summer, everyone always being so helpful with working on the same projects, etc. The people I worked with this summer made work extremely fun, and I realize that I am very lucky to feel that way. I’m proud of the relationships that have been solidified at IBM this summer and will work to maintain them throughout the school year before I hopefully return full-time.


I am extremely sad to leave IBM temporarily but am also excited to start school again, and am already looking forward to returning as a full-timer. I am happy to have earned the opportunity to have this internship experience at a large corporate company, one that is part of the Fortune 50.

One thought on “Post 6: Final Thoughts & Reflections

  • July 26, 2018 at 11:00 am

    Hi Aerielle –

    It’s wonderful to hear that you are wrapping up your internship with a clear sense of direction about working to return to IBM in the future and about what you have learned and accomplished. I especially applaud you for thinking ahead on how you plan to stay in touch with your network and continue to maintain professional relationships. While your experience is fresh in your mind, you might take some time updating your resume and/or LinkedIn to reflect your new skills and accomplishments so that they’re on hand and ready as you begin to seek future opportunities at IBM or elsewhere.

    As of this post, you’ve met your blogging requirements. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your thoughtful reflections this summer, and wish you all the best as you head into the fall. We’ll hope to see you at the Hub sometime!



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