Team Environment #4

I work with the environment team of my nonprofit and I am so thankful to have both of my teammates on my side this summer. We work together on nearly all of the assignments I am tasked with, whether it be writing, data analysis, consulting for another organization, or anything else the day may call for.

My boss Loretta is an expert in both environmental literacy and mass communications. On one hand, I consider myself very knowledgeable on a large range of topics within the environmental field and enjoy talking to her about these issues. Having a platform to discuss and better shape my ideas surrounding environmentalism has been a wonderful part of my experience. Alternately, I am not as familiar with the world of mass communications or communications consulting. In this instance she is able to help me get a footing in this new, but relevant field for me as I continue with my career. Skills like how to create a communications plan with appropriate channels, audiences, messages, etc. are now in my wheelhouse.

My other supervisor/co-worker is Amanda. Our work together is more directly collaborative. We are able to bounce ideas off each other as we chip away at the assignments of the day, and I know they are of better quality than either of us could produce alone. While she is still new to the nonprofit and this field, her ideas and expertise have been greatly advantageous to me throughout the internship.


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  • July 25, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for sharing. Your description of the conversations with Loretta sound a lot like a great mentoring relationship. I am glad to hear that you have leveraged your internship opportunity to learn from those with more/other experiences. Mentoring relationships will be with you long after your internship. I hope that you and Loretta keep in contact as you can both learn much from each other as time goes on. She sounds like an excellent resource to help you chart your career path. Keep up the great work! – Jake


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