The Late Late Show & The Four | #5

It is already the last week of July, and next week will be my last week with CBS Television Distribution here in Santa Monica. Time has flown! This internship has given me so many opportunities and experiences which I can not be any more thankful for. My amazing sponsors, Lisa Lasarenko (SVP of marketing), and Tia Grace (Directer of Marketing and Special Events) have made this summer a life changing, inspiring, and unforgettable experience.

With that being said, this week my fellow interns and I attended a taping of The Late Late Show with James Cordon. He was hilarious! This set was one of my favorite sets I’ve ever been on, and it really got me brainstorming about lighting possibilities and 3D atmospheres that I could create in the basement of North Quad…

The night following that, the amazing Lizz Zanin brought me onto another amazing opportunity. I attended the taping of the season two finale of The Four. This was another breathtaking set/stage. I am always amazed at the endless possibilities in TV production…really, nothing is impossible!

Spending my summer here in Los Angeles has made me more motivated that ever to pursue this profession. There is so much opportunity that follows passion, and I am so excited to see where it goes!

Next week I will be giving my final presentation at CBS, and I am more ready than ever to come back to Ann Arbor and begin using the things that I have learned to direct and produce more projects.

One thought on “The Late Late Show & The Four | #5

  • August 8, 2018 at 10:53 am

    So great to hear about how amazing your internship experience has been and continues to be! It really sounds like you’ve had so many awesome opportunities to get real world experience in all the behind the scenes action.

    It can be difficult sometimes to be thrown into a situation with so much going on, but it really sounds like you’ve been doing an amazing job of taking everything in and getting so much from your time at CBS. Hopefully moving forward you’ll be able to use all of these experiences to really help inform and guide your thinking as you imagine what comes next!

    Look forward to hearing from you more!


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