Week #4: My Home Away From Home

Our research lab has been doing well since we’ve moved to the new building. Almost everything has been organized, so there is a lot more space for everyone now. Another benefit of the new lab is that everything is cleaner and newer. The old lab was located in an old building where the ventilation wasn’t great so we would have a lot of contamination issues. Now, most of those problems have been solved and we are wasting a lot less of our time and supplies trying to replace the contaminated materials! The new space also has a designated lab space and desk space, so now we have a lot more room to keep our stuff. It is nice not having to share a desk with the undergraduates.

Ann Arbor is a very beautiful city. There is a lot to do here over the summer so I’m never bored. I live right next to Central Campus, so I am within walking distance of many places. My actual home is only 30 minutes away, but there is a lot less to do there compared to Ann Arbor. Last week, I went to the art fair. It was very cool.  Although I have been in Ann Arbor for the past three years, this was my first time going. I liked seeing art made of different media. I enjoy painting and drawing in my free time, so I had a lot of fun looking at the different styles. I hope to go again next summer if I am in town.

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