What I Wish I Knew

At the beginning of my experience, I wish I knew how hard it would be to adjust to coming to a new country alone. I have talked to several people from Michigan about getting here and spending the first night crying because of the initial anxieties of being in a new country alone. After the first night, it took 2-3 weeks to get into a routine and figure out eating, money, how to navigate in campus and outside of campus and everything in between. Second, I wish I would have eaten Indian food before coming here so I would know what to expect in that aspect. I tried to eat only the chicken for the first couple of weeks and it got so old so quick; after starting to try new things and expand my diet it got a lot better. Finally, I wish I would have known about the scarcity of toilet paper here. I brought some in case, but I wasn’t aware that I would have to always have a roll on hand. If I had to give advice to someone coming to India for an internship it would be to allow yourself to have that adjustment period without feeling bad about it. Be open to asking questions and exploring other places in India than the place your internship it at.

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