I’m learning a lot about the importance of relaxed-confidence during my internship experience. My mentor is great at leading lesson plans, presentations, and actives with the kids. I struggled at first with giving my lesson plans and presentations while also trying to manage the kids, I knew the information and felt I could talk about it well, however I was nervous about managing kids getting distracted and trying to mimic what I’d heard my leaders do for their presentations. Once I found a balance of being confident in what I wanted to say about the animal, the lesson plans, and how to handle situations with kids I began to become more relaxed.

I’ve also learned a lot from my mentor about how she balances being the main teacher/facilitator but still letting both my fellow intern and I have roles as well. She’s very good at reinforcing that we all are to be respected and have information to share. From letting us all take a role, she maintains a very well respected atmosphere throughout camp and it really makes me want to learn more from her and be a part of the environmental camp experience she is building even more. More so, I’m learning about how she takes on a leadership role of being a environmental educator AND her leadership role priority of animal welfare. She is confident in both. Especially on days where an animal being be a little agitate or not comfortable, she’s always confident in her ability to deliver a good lesson plan without the animal having to do a presentation and on her decision to respect how they are feeling. 

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