Back to Office Life | #5

A lot of people are going in and out of vacation around this time. It makes sense, since this is the down season at the office, but also, a lot of the bids for the fall are coming in now. We’ve got a lot of bids to do, but not a lot of turnaround time. On top of that, a couple of people in the office are also preparing to go on-site for a show in California. Unfortunately, I won’t be joining in on this venture.  

While we are bidding for these jobs, I learned that sometimes, it’s okay if we don’t get them. Even though we might not be selected, we could end up still doing the job. That is through other contractors. Like with the auto shows we do, it’s not our company directly being hired by the car brand, but rather the car brand hires a booth building company who in turns hires us to execute the idea. So, while on some of these jobs we don’t get selected, one of these booth building companies could and they could choose to utilize our services. This just goes to show that if at first you don’t succeed, you can find other avenues to reach similar success.  

I’ve also learned a lot about budgeting and organization while here. On the budgeting front, it’s essentially what they do. Making sure they have enough money to execute these projects with some just in case. There’s a lot of factors you need to consider. We mainly utilize union labor, so you need to be aware of not only how long you have people working, but which days because you need to account for if you’re paying for labor in Straight Time, Overtime, or Double Time. Then in these convention centers when you order services, like power, you must make sure you have the forms in on time or their rates increase drastically. This is just in the planning phase, too. When you actually get to the venue, you never know what might actually happen – so you must be prepared.  

As for organization, it’s not just for yourself. The office works together on a lot of projects, so not only do you need to have your files uploaded/shared with everyone, it’s important for everything to follow a certain naming scheme so they’re easily found. However, everyone always has their own preferred way of doing things, and if it’s neat and understandable – not following these rules is sometimes forgivable.  


Working hard or hardly working? haha

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  • August 2, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Hi Emily,
    My name is Uzma and I will be reading the rest of your blogs for the summer.
    Your internship sounds incredibly interesting and I am glad it has been a great learning experience for you. In your previous post, you talked about the importance of relationship building, which seems like a theme for this blog post as well, whether its relationships between individuals or businesses. You have a couple of weeks left for your internship; how are you going to maintain the relationships you have made during your internship?


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