I AM A WOMAN | Blog #4

Well, everyone, it’s been a minute. But let me tell you it’s been an entertaining minute. My last blog post I was just a girl. This blog post, I am a WOMAN. I turned 21 last week and I am officially a resident of the twenty fun club. My parents first came in at the beginning of the week to celebrate with me. I took them around the city and they experienced their first Little Italy adventure. At the end of the week, my friends and boyfriend came in. And let me tell you we had a hoot. We did all the things a 21 year old would do and ate at some really good places. Overall a 10/10 experience. Very #thankful for the friends and family I have around me.

I’m also entering into my last few weeks as an intern at Comedy Central. It’s been amazingly fun and I’ve met some really amazing people. I’ve had some incredible opportunities to watch new content before it’s out, work with TV shows I’ve loved for years, and eat so much free food. One of the most fun things I’ve done in the past couple weeks was take over the Viacom Instagram. Other than showing everyone how hilarious I am, it was great to display the experience I’m having here and give some hopefully helpful advice to those interested in interning at Viacom. I even had a fan who said my takeover was entertaining and funny. I was like duh.

Living in New York has been a trip. My roommate, Jaime, is amazing and we have had the best time. We’ve become even closer, if that’s at all possible. As for the city itself, it’s extremely busy and smells like pee sometimes, but it’s still a fun and eye-opening experience I definitely needed to experience before I graduate.

Anyways, that was an exciting update. Stay real. Stay #blessed. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.

Your Queen Sophia

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