Is it already the end?

Well i’m writing this in my office on the last day I will be here. Tomorrow I will leave for Budapest in the morning, and come Monday, I am boarding a plane back home. I wish I knew how fast my 7 weeks would fly and that I should have never spent a day at work counting down the hours, as I had very few days. If someone is planning to do an internship in Croatia, I would first say that they 100% should. This country has such pride for the natural beauty and different traditions within Croatia, while at the same time not being oblivious to the issues they need to improve on.

My favorite experience so far with this internship is being able to write my own article that will be published online. The fact that I was the one primarily responsible from start to finish was empowering, and made me feel less like a student intern and more like someone who was capable of working in a NGO. My perspective has changed throughout being here by realizing as a person I will always have misconceptions about a society I have not lived in for years, even as hard as I try not to, and that it is perfectly acceptable as long as I am always open to changing my perspective about a community.

Working at an NGO for the last couple of has certainly helped me realize I am in the right area of studies for me. While I don’t know if that means i’ll be working in a small NGO like this one, an international NGO, or a thousand other places within policy and the public sector, I know there are many areas within it that I will be content in.


These last months have been a crazy ride, but I am so happy and thankful I was given the opportunity to go!


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