Laughing with a French Accent

In my opinion, the best thing that can happen when learning another language is successfully making a joke. I have three reasons for this:

  1. It means that you understand the language well enough to manipulate and carefully select certain words and vocabulary.
  2. It means that you think fast enough to deliver the joke (because all successful jokes rely on comedic timing).
  3. It means that you speak well enough for others to understand you.

Little by little, I find myself making more jokes and laughing way more than before. I believe that this greatly represents my improvement in the French language. Furthermore, I believe that it represents the improvement of my comfort in my work environment. There is nothing better than the feeling of successfully delivering a good joke. To see the smiles and hear the laughter around the room is like giving a hug to every person at the same time.

I do not remember the jokes that I made, but that is not the important thing. What is important is the warm feeling, the memories, and the relationships between my colleagues and I. A joke lasts for one minute, but the memories of laughing and having fun last forever.

I find myself becoming more and more comfortable with my colleagues and my teammates, and I can truly share a part of me that was hidden before. It is not difficult to make jokes, but it takes a great deal of courage to leave my comfort zone and say them out loud. The hardest part is the initial step of leaving my comfort zone, but it only takes one laugh to do so.

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