Lift your voice and be heard | Blog Post #4

My internship is through the DCBRP. Twice a week my cohort does something together. Last week we attended a panel at the Historical Museum. There were four panelist: Chastity Pratt Dawsey (a reporters and former Detroit), Michael H. Hodges (an author and architect), Kevin Johnson (CEO of Detroit Economic Growth Corporation), and Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty (a social justice organizer, author, poet, and life-long Detroit). I have to say, Tawana was my favorite panelist. She was raw and wasn’t afraid of speaking her truth. I loved everything about this event. Although I didn’t particularly like the opinions/views of one panelist, I still believe that them being there wasn’t a negative thing. It allows everyone to be aware that there are people that have a totally different view of what will make Detroit “come back again”. I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A portion of the program too. The people I was sitting around as well as myself joked halfway through that it was no longer a Q&A, but a time for Detroiters to allow their voice to be heard. Even though the moderators tried to sway people from that, I’m glad that those who chose to spoke got an opportunity to vent or express their concerns in front of the public. This allowed other people to realize that they weren’t alone in their thinking. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to sit in front of one of the people who helped run Riverwise magazine, a social justice magazine. I was able to get a copy of it and was able to talk to his wife a little bit.

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