Month Three Completion | #5

When first starting my position in the beginning of the summer, I struggled to connect with my manager. I did not see him much as a mentor (as stated in an earlier blog post), as he was constantly busy and always brushed me aside. I felt like I was looked down upon for my age, background, and experience. Halfway through the summer though, I was given a task that would make me work closely with the legal department. With this project, I work directly with a female in-house attorney who is on the senior corporate counsel of the company. Since working closely with her for the past two months, she has done nothing but guide me every single step of the way. Whenever I have a question, I am not hesitant to ask Nada because she is always so willing to help me and give me the best information I need in order to help get my project done on time. I believe that her gender, race, and interests that are all very similar to mine have allowed us to connect deeply. We are able to have professional and personal conversations and enjoy each other’s company both in and outside of the workplace. Due to my hard work that she has seen, she took me out to lunch and we discussed my future, including law school. She has guided me tremendously not only through my summer intern project, but with other things such as the type of law I should pursue, LSAT studying, which law schools to attend, and the best places for me to live.

Because of the great connection that Nada and I have built, I have realized that leadership in this organization is not all the same. The female leaders not only just at this company, but in this industry, are phenomenal. They have such vast experience and come from great companies such as Tesla, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. and really prove that you do not need to be a male in the automotive or tech industry in order to be knowledgeable or successful. I am very thankful for the opportunity and experience that I have been given this summer, as it has really opened my eyes up to different career paths (different types of law I want to pursue) and I have met the smartest and most genuine people. 

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