Next Steps – Journal #4

I was able to get some leeway for the remainder of this week from doing work because I informed my campaign some other responsibilities that I have committed to, and they were very understanding of my situation. I didn’t see it to be an issue either considering there are a numerous amount of students involved with the campaign. I haven’t gotten too much face time with other students a part of the campaign on the U of M campus, but there is still some time until the August 7th primary to introduce myself. Most of the people associated with my campaign are unpaid, so there isn’t much of a distinction there, but I have noticed that people who hold more leadership positions in the campaign have more of a passion and feel for the campaign compared to those that only come out to volunteer during certain events. It doesn’t really impact me directly, but I think about how much more the campaign could do or reach if everyone was available to take an active role in the campaign.

Recently, I don’t feel like the level of responsibility that I have has increased or decreased, but rather stayed the same. However, I want to be able to step up after this upcoming week so that I can continue to be in the loop and up to date on plans. Maybe I can ask to aid someone in another field so that I can gain a little bot more experience. Maybe work on the campaign website or finish canvassing in areas that the campaign hasn’t reached yet. I know we need a larger presence in Saline, so that could be a possibility to where I will end up. Prior to that, the social media team is still working on creating an online video advertisement and a public service announcement script, so users can know Anuja’s stance on key issues as well as help spread her awareness.

One thought on “Next Steps – Journal #4

  • July 29, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    Hi Ben! It’s been great to catch up on your posts! It’s clear that you’re learning so much about both how social media as a role within an organization, and specifically what that looks like from the lens of a campaign. It’s exciting to hear about the ‘behind the scenes’ of how you’ll take what you’ve learned from a public forum or other outreach event and immediately work to have your messaging respond accordingly. How cool that you were also able to have some face time directly with your candidate to strategize about how you can respond faster. It’s a big job, and it sounds like you’re doing it well.

    I know it’s getting to crunch time with the primary quickly approaching. Keep up the great work. You’re willingness and interest in stepping up to help support not just social media, but other aspects of the campaign will pay dividends, both for you and hopefully for the campaign as well!


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