Post 5: Last day

My best experience this summer had nothing to do with my internship. I’ve had the chance to travel to so many different countries and experience these lifestyles, but my best experience was the eight hour bus ride back from Croatia. First of all, the views. To get to Croatia from Germany, we passed through gorgeous, gorgeous, mountainous Austria. You can’t really get a scale for them unless you’re there in person. Pictures don’t do them justice. The tallest skyscraper I’ve ever seen would look like a toothpick at the top of one of those big green rocks. This was my first time seeing mountains and really, nothing can compare.

Next was the sunset. We drove past the sun setting on those massive lakes, reflecting red and orange off the ripples for what felt like an eternity. Rays cutting in sideways through the windows, coloring everything sequoia, the light turning dark and surreal as the whole bus watched, entranced, staring out the right window over a natural masterpiece. No one spoke. Perfect.

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