Week 2 – The People Here

Last week was certainly my time to adjust to the physical surroundings, the time difference, the city. This week was moreso getting adjusted to the people and the culture. I have no complaints at all, I swear! It’s actually a really positive response, just something I’m not used to. I have noticed that the folks here are super hospitable which is fantastic as a newcomer into their place. It’s just something I am not used to or commonly have seen in my upbringing so it is really refreshing but something I still have to get my head around. For instance, there are a couple of folks who are really going out of their way to make sure they show me different parts of the city; they just so genuinely care. I feel welcomed and I’m flattered as well. I hope to pick up some of these mannerisms to bring back home because I think they are really important to care about other people in the way they do.

With my internship, I am really liking the work I’ve been getting into. Since my supervisor knows that I am interested in education, a lot of my work has been with the Education Department at the museum, which includes helping a lot with their social programs and community outreach. This is phenomenal for me to see because the museum really does contribute a great deal to society and it is really rewarding to see the smiling faces of the kids (and adults!) that we interact with at each event. An example of this is like the photo below, we brought material to make makeshift footballs (American English=soccer balls) out of balloons, paper, tape and glue.

So many families came to our table and left with their creations. Although the table and the floor was a mess with scraps everywhere it was super rewarding to help all of these folks out to have a nice time.

I’ll update you some more next week!

-Jessica S.

One thought on “Week 2 – The People Here

  • July 27, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Hi Jessica,

    It’s so great to hear that you are enjoying the culture so far and getting to know some interesting people! I absolutely love that the museum has been able to find ways to incorporate your interest in education by pairing you with projects in the education department. The event with the foot/soccer balls sounds like it was a huge hit with the kids and families! What is something that has surprised you about the culture so far? I’m interested in hearing more about your experience this summer!

    – Danielle


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