Week 7 – Random Thoughts on This Week #3

I would say this week so far was one of the busiest week I had at HCSC. Today at our weekly update my manager gave me another project idea to work on. During the first week when I asked my manager to set internship goals with me, she specially told me that it is not possible at that time due to the nature of how the projects are on a rolling basis. She was right; afterwards, I gradually received new projects to work on. Six weeks later, I have a list of projects that I can work on and will not be able to finish for the rest of my internship. Nevertheless, I am super excited about most of them and can’t wait to explore them.

Other than the weekly update with my manager today, I also had a recurring meeting with my mentor. He as always was super helpful and taught me a lot of stuff while I share with him some security news I picked out from different sources. He mentioned that he tends to side track when we first met, but the side tracking was actually my opportunity of learning something new. I am forever grateful that he agreed to meet with me and share with me so much of his knowledge.

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